Great News you’re the boss!


Many of us fall into being the BOSS because we are good at what we do, which is great. BUT we never trained to be the boss, manage staff, do accounts, manage debtors or creditors…. the list is endless. Diana can help with a clam overview plus help with systems and procedures not to mention solid advice and possible the best sounding board in West Wales. Give her a call on 01239 842 068.

Mentoring start ups

Diana has a lot of experience with mentoring new business start up with Dewis Menter etc..

Do you have a target?

Why are you in business? Do you even remember why you started your business?
Diana will help re-focus and see your on target whether that is a business goal or a personal one. We are after all in business to live not just to be in business.
Diana will help you plan your route to your goal/target.

Step by step help just for you!

We’ll get you to your goal etc.